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How to Train Your Password Cracking Dragon - Part 1

Summoning the Password Cracking Beast

Learning how to crack passwords is fun and incredibly useful for assessing the security of your IT environment. It used to be a considerable time and money sponge, requiring you to drop a big chunk of change on a beefy desktop and invest some serious time in building and configuring it. The good news is that now, thanks to the power of the cloud, we can build a rocking virtual cracking box that can try millions of password guesses per second — all for about a dollar an hour.

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DIY $500 Pentest Lab - Part 1

Ever wanted to build your own affordable pentesting lab? Join me and my pals Paul Wilch (Project 7) and Dan DeCloss (Plextrac) as we kick off a fun, casual Webinar series all about doing exactly that!

Part 1 is coming up Tuesday, February 5 at 12pm CST and will cover:

• Creating a shopping list of components you’ll need

• Discussing pre-made kits vs. “assemble it yourself” options

• Installing virtualization software to build your lab machines on

It’ll be a free, fun, informative, and casual way to spend your lunch hour. Hope you’ll join us!


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How to Hack and Secure Your Wordpress Website

Join us to learn about the tools hackers use to compromise WordPress websites. Participants are encouraged to participate by having VirtualBox, Kali Linux and the vulnerable Quaoar virtual machine (available on Vulnhub.com) installed.

This webinar will be hosted by ILTA Member Liaison Paul Wilch and broadcast live from the Hawley Troxell offices in Boise.

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