We Challenge Your Security Controls and Assumptions

7 Minute Security is a Minneapolis-based information security consulting company with 15 years of experience in a wide variety of IT and security services, including:

Security Assessments

“Where are my security gaps?”

7 Minute Security will partner with you to help formulate – and execute – a measurable remediation plan for gaps in your administrative, physical and technical controls.

Penetration Testing

“Can the bad guys and gals get in?”

An internal and/or external network penetration test will gauge your organization’s defenses and help answer that question.


“Are my employees well trained?”

7 Minute Security can train your employees to not only be more secure at work, but carry that security-focused attitude into everything they do at home as well.

Meet the 7 Minute Security team

Our team is focused on delivering exceptional security services, being excellent communicators, giving recommendations that are easy to follow, and providing deliverables that concise and are easy to read.

Listen to the 7 Minute Security podcast

Running for more than 7 years and 600 episodes, 7 Minute Security is a weekly podcast focused on penetration testing, blue teaming, and building a career in security. Take a sample listen below, subscribe via your favorite podcatcher, and even catch an episode live on YouTube!