Scott Burchell / Ethical Hacking Team Lead, Optum

Mr. Brian Johnson reported to me during my term managing the Application Security Test Team at UnitedHealth Group, Optum Technology. Brian provided thought leadership and direction supporting both security design and penetration test services for internal and external service offerings.

In addition to his technical leadership, Brian has a great personality allowing him to be approachable and fun to talk to but with an attitude to get things done.  Brian is a trustworthy technical expert, and I would not hesitate when presented with an opportunity to bring Brian on my team again.


Pete Hoang - Principal, Penetration Testing Lead at Fortune 50

"Brian Johnson is a person I can rely on in the team to get things done.  He is a sharp technical person who can get things done with little explanation.  He will figure it out.  He is a reliable.  He is good with Kali Linux configuration and deployment as well.  I would hire him in a heartbeat."

Mark – Information Systems Security Manager for a community bank

"I have known Brian for almost 4 years and consider him to be a tremendously skilled and accomplished Information Security professional.  His attention to detail, his personality, his base of knowledge and his work ethic are just a few of the many characteristics that make it a pleasure to work with Brian on any given project.  

One unique trait of Brian, that very few professionals exhibit, is his ability to simplify information security topics into plain and simple language.  A complementary trait is his ability to listen to concerns and tailor the proper solution to fit that concern.  I look forward to my next opportunity to consult with him and learn from him."

 Justin L. - Investment Services Company

“Brian took time to really understand our business and assisted us with customizing the appropriate IT policies that would support our organization.  He also performed internal and external scans of our network and assisted us with the remediation of certain deficiencies to help reduce our organizations risk.”


Ryan Elmer / InfoSec and Compliance Manager, Boulay, PLLP

“Brian is incredibly inquisitive by nature and will often go further than most to find a better tool, a novel approach or a more pragmatic solution.  The primary benefit to those who work with is that they can reap in a few hours of work from what Brian spent days or weeks developing.  Ultimately, they will receive a better end-product, faster than if they undertook the project on their own.  These are exactly the returns which consultants were designed to provide, but only few do. Brian is definitely in the upper-class of information security consultants.”

Jake DeWoskin /  Information Security Director, Computer Integration Technologies, Inc.

"I've had the privilege of working with Brian for 10+ years, topics ranging from infrastructure, security education, and security consulting.  Brian's a passionate, empathetic, and communicative security expert, focused on offering clarity in an increasingly complex world of IT security.  With a passion for knowledge, deep technical expertise, and exceptional communication skills, Brian provides invaluable security insights and knowledge to the businesses he serves."  

John B. Fraser / CTO, Lifesprk

"We had never had a security review performed before so we were not exactly sure what to expect going into it.  Brian did a great job of setting expectations up front, keeping us up to date during the evaluation and then spent time helping us understand the results.  I wish working with a external consultant was always this easy.  A++ from us!"

Schuyler Brown / Co-Founder, strongDM

“Brian has been a fantastic addition to the team. He's not afraid to tackle a tsunami of work and always manages to keep a smile on his face no matter how much pressure he's under. He's thoughtful, capable of executing with minimal oversight and a pleasure to work with.”