• BHIS did a Webinar called "Internal Pivot Pentest Go Kit" this past Tuesday. They’ve posted the slides and video for your enjoyment.

  • After last week’s question about whether a subscription was worth it. A few listeners wrote in and some of their comments:

  • Compare ITPro to Safaribooksonline before making a choice.

  • Safaribooksonline app keeps you logged in, has good queue functionality, and remembers where you left off in a video. ITPro app seems less functional – short logout times, doesn’t remember where you were in a video, and doesn’t remember your course progress.

  • ITPro seems to tempt the "demo gods" and aren’t always successful. Safaribooksonline content may be a bit more polished.

  • ITPro might be geared a bit more towards a younger audience.

  • Brutelogic – check him out on Twitter and sign up for his blog emails email notifications. If you want to get some of his deep, dark XSS secrets, consider subscribing to his premium account.

  • SANS is doing a Webinar on the 2016 Security Awareness Report Key Findings on Tuesday, March 29 at 10am CST. Overview:

Learn how to take your security awareness program to the next level as Bob Rudis, Lance Hayden, and Lance Spitzner cover key findings from the 2016 Securing the Human Security Awareness Report. Specifically the top two challenges facing security awareness teams and how organizations are resolving them.

  • Offensive Security did a live demo (via IRC) of the Kali "ISO of doom thing." I have the transcript if you want it, otherwise keep an eye on

  • Confused about CSRF? Definitely check out Troy Hunt’s video editon explanation of this attack.

  • Tim Tomes is teaching PWAPT in Charleston, April 28-29. Fly to it if you have to – it’s a fantastic course!

General News



  • This is my favorite tweet about Apple v. FBI when the feds suddenly decided not to go to that hearing.

  • A poll to name a freakin’ huge boat came to a conclusion, with Boaty McBoatface the clear winner.

  • The BPATTY doc has some updates! And is now linked on homepage!

  • Oh, and I’m trying to get BPATTY into Github.

Written by: Brian Johnson

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