In part 3 of our Webapp pentest tool bake-off we’re talking about…


In a nutshell, I was quite impressed with not only the product itself, but my interaction with the sales/support folks as well. Here are the highlights of my experience with Netsparker:

  • Quick learning curve – I feel confident I could teach newbies this tool in a short period of time

  • Boasts false-positive-free scanning

  • Offers both a cloud and LAN-based install

  • Can do multiple scans at once – you’re limited only by the virtual hardware you install Netsparker on

  • Flexible reporting – everything from a nitty-gritty tech detail report to a barebones C-level "OMG your site is on fire!" type of export

  • Knowledgeable sales folks who are tech-savvy and gentle with their sales tactics

Written by: Brian Johnson

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