We’re breaking ground with this episode, folks! For the first time in 7MS history, we’ve got a guest on the show (finally, right?!).

Rob Sell is an IT manager who has been working in IT for many years, with a focus on information security specifically for the last 4 years. He recently came home from Defcon 25 with a third place in the SE CTF.

Rob sat down with me to discuss the CTF, how to make an outstanding CTF audition video, OSINT tools/tips/techniques, the value of tech/security certifications, career advice and much more!

Interview notes and links

  • Here’s Rob’s Defcon CTF audition video:

  • EchoSec helps you see a geographical area at a certain point in time. According to the Web site, EchoSec is "the most comprehensive social sentiment tool on the market" – hmmmm, seems like a great SE tool!

  • X-Ray is "a tool for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks."

  • Michael Bazzell’s Web site has online training, free tools and other goodies. Michael also has some books.

  • Christopher Hadnagy has a podcast that’s strictly focused on SE. He’s also got some books.

  • ArcGIS isn’t necessarily labeled as an SE tool, but can certainly be used for SE efforts.

Written by: Brian Johnson

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