I’ve heard this song way too much this week.

I love the CIS Controls but it seems like there isn’t a real good hands-on implementation guide out there. Hrmm…maybe it’s time to create one? Speaking of that, check out the MacMon project and chat with us about it via Slack.

After hearing rave reviews about Fingbox (not a sponsor), I picked one up (~$120) and wow, I’m impressed! It’s got a lot of neat features that home users and SMBs would like as it related to mapping to CSC #1:

  • Ability to map network devices to users to create an inventory
  • Email alerts for new devices that pop up on the network
  • Block unwanted users from the app, even when not directly connected to the LAN
  • Nice set of troubleshooting tools, such as wifi throughput test, Internet speed test, and port scanning of LAN/WAN devices

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Written by: Brian Johnson

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