People have been sending me some great feedback on episode #326, which featured Ryan Manship of RedTeam Security and Dave Dobrotka of United HealthGroup. Both these guys lead red teams for a living and had a lot of great insight to share as it relates to successfully running (and defending against!) red team campaigns.

Have a peek at the feedback that some listeners have sent in:

"Thanks a million to them for taking the time out of their no doubt busy schedules to drive an hour for an interview. They seem like really great guys with tons of knowledge and experience. Would love to hear more from them.”VP Network Engineering for Boston-based MSP

“Wow, I really enjoyed the physical testing stories on this podcast and the great overview of Red Teaming. Also, like that part of joining the team is finding Ryan’s email ha! Thanks to both for driving to 7MS HQ and recording this interview us newbs to listen to and pick up some cool knowledge! Definitely hope to hear from you part 2 from these guys! For the next podcast…maybe more on pretexts that worked in SE, using physical tools to get shells (Bash Bunny’s? Pineapples?) and how they can quickly get logged into physical machines and elevate privs….totally understand that they may not be able to give away all these, but would be great to hear how they go through the whole process.”Matt McCullough, MN.IT Security Analyst

“Brian, thanks so much for having Ryan Manship and Dave Dobrotka on your latest podcast! It was awesome to learn about their experience and passion for the field. It was also refreshing to hear their humility and desire to simply make the community and world a better place. Please pass along my thanks and I would love to hear them again on your podcast to dive into a more detailed walkthrough of an engagement.”Dan DeCloss, Founder/CEO of PlexTrac, LLC

Thanks for sending this feedback in, everybody. I’m in conversations with Ryan and Dave now to come back and do another episode – probably sometime after ArcticCon in October is over. Stay tuned!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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