This week I was in lovely Boise, Idaho doing some security assessment work. While I was there I got to hang out with Paul Wilch and some of the Project7 crew and picked up a lot of cool tools and tips I share in today’s episode:

  • The Badger Infosec group did a cool Rubber Ducky demo.

  • Dan from DDSec did a demo of PlexTrac which is "the last cybersecurity reporting tool you will ever need." I’m actually going to use PlexTrac for my next few assessments and am working to line up a future interview with Dan to learn even more.

  • Paul gave a demo of Parrot which is cool and Kali-like. However, when Paul and I did a side-by-side test with Kali, we noticed that Parrot kind of barfed when it set out to do an Eyewitness report.

  • After meeting Paul’s son, Simon, I’m optimistic about the future IT/security leaders in this country. There are some wicked-smart youth out there!

  • Paul gave me a hotel keycard lockpick/shiv (his own creation!) and staged a few doors for me to try and bypass. He made it interesting when he promised to throat-punch me if I failed! Here’s a picture of the pick (and thankfully, I got off without any throat punches):


Written by: Brian Johnson

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