Coming up on Tuesday, January 22 I’ll be doing a Webinar with Netwrix called 4 Ways Your Organization Can Be Hacked. It features a Billy Madison theme and pits evil Eric Gordon against sysadmin Billy Madison. Hope you’ll join us – it’ll be fun!

Today I’m pleased to welcome Amber Boone to the program! She is an awareness builder for a cybersecurity vendor (insert dramatic music!), and Amber was gracious enough to help me pilot a new style of interview called 7 Minute Interviews with 7MS.

I basically asked Amber a "serious" question about security, then a goofy one, then another serious, then another goofy…and so on and so forth until the 7 minutes was up.

Amber answered important questions such as:

  • Would she rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized ducks?

  • What basic security effort could orgs address without investing a huge amount of dollars and effort?

  • Would she rather be a giant hamster or a tiny rhinoceros?

If you’d like to check out what Amber’s doing online, check out her LinkedIn, her side project or follow Amber on Twitter.

Interested in doing a 7 minute interview with 7MS? Head here.

Written by: Brian Johnson

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