Wow, happy 400th episode everybody! Also, happy SIXTH birthday to the 7MS podcast!

Today I’ve got a really fun tale of internal network pentest pwnage to share with you, as well as a story about a "poop-petrator." Key moments and takeaways include:

  • Your target network might have heavy egress filtering in place. I recommend doing full apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and grabbing all the tools you need (may I suggest my script for this?).

  • If the CrackMapExec --sam flag doesn’t work for you, give secretsdump a try, as I ran it on an individual Win workstation and it worked like a champ!

  • If the latest mimikatz release doesn’t rip out passwords for you, try the release from last August. For whatever reason (thanks 0xdf) for the tip!

  • If your procdumps of lsass appear to be small, endpoint protection might be getting in the way! You might be able to figure out what’s running – and stop the service(s) – with CrackMapExec and the -x 'tasklist /v' flag.

  • If you need to bypass endpoint protection, don’t be afraid to go deep into the Google search results. Unfortunately, I think that’s all I can say about that, as vendors seem to get snippy about talking about bypasses publicly.

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Written by: Brian Johnson

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