Today we’re talking business! We’ve got some exciting news and updates to share with you since we last did a "crying" episode last fall:

  • 7MS hired a VP of sales and marketing: Clyde Cooper!
  • We’ve added some new tools to our tools/services gist:
    • Having a true sales force for the first time has prompted us to invest in Salesforce. There are a few gotchas with signing up for a Salesforce trial and then migrating to a paid plan (discussed more in today’s episode)
    • We’re trying to "eat our own dog food" and part of that includes good inventory management. For that we’ve started to play with Rumble and reaaaaaaaaaaalllly like it
  • Recording an "about us" video with a production company is exciting, stressful and awkward
  • Today I met the guy who wins the Internet (or at least LinkedIn) – he sent me a personalized video with an idea I’m definitely going to steal for future marketing initiatives
  • For really no reason at all, I sing for you a bit in this episode
    • On that note, I absolutely love this song. I feel like it’s my family’s theme song for the last year.


Written by: Brian Johnson

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