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Hi! Sorry to be so late with this episode, but I’m excited to share with you another fun tale of pentest pwnage! Key points from today’s episode include:

  • We do not do these episodes to brag or put down any company about their security posture. We do do (heh, I said "do do") these episodes to share what we’re learning about pentesting it helps you become a better network defender and/or offender!

  • Early in an engagement it can be fruitful to run Pcredz to find goodies in the clear like hashes, CC numbers, SNMP traps and more!

  • Run hashes right through the cracked Pwned Passwords list for more management-level impact on your efforts. Do the same with Kerberoastable accounts

  • Once you’ve gotten a local or domain admin account, use CrackMapExec to dump a workstation’s local hashes, then do something VERY important that I just learned this week (details in today’s episode) to maybe get insta-DA!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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