Today we’re super excited to share a featured interview with Tanya Janca of WeHackPurple!

Tanya has been in software development from the moment she was of legal age to work in Canada – beginning by working with some huge companies (Nokia/Adobe) before falling in love with application security and eventually starting a company of her own.  Gh0sthax and I sat down with Tanya over Zoom to discuss:

  • How to overcome your fears and present at conferences, write blog posts and even start your own company!
  • How to deal with online jackwagons who troll you online and at conferences
  • The importance of finding a mentor and mentoring others

Also, here are a bunch of handy links and hashtags Tanya shares throughout the interview:

  • Bob and Alice Learn Application Security – Tanya’s book, available on Amazon
  • Women of Security (WoSEC)
  • We Hack Purple Podcast – weekly podcast with a diverse range of guests from all walks of infosec life
  • We Hack Purple Community – “a Canadian company dedicated to helping anyone and everyone create secure software.”
  • Tanya’s music on Spotify
  • #CyberMentoringMonday – a hashtag that Tanya and other security professionals monitor to help people connect with cyber mentors
  • InsiderPHd – has a safe space for bug bounty hunters to learn and collaborate
  • WeAreHackerz – “You are welcome to join WeAreHackerz if you identify as a person of a marginalized gender, including but not limited to non-binary individuals, women (trans and cis), trans men, genderqueer, etc. We welcome members across all nationalities, races, religions, ages, or other characteristics that make each of us unique.”
  • Security in Color

Written by: Brian Johnson

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