Today we’re doing something new – a first impressions episode of Meraki networking gear. Note: this is not a sponsored episode, but rather a follow up to episode #460 where I talked about throwing all my UniFi gear into the ocean and replacing it with Meraki gear. At the end of that episode I asked if anybody was interested in a "first impressions" of the gear, and it turns out (at least 6) people are interested, so here we are! TLDL:


  • Super easy plug-and-play setup
  • The mobile app can control just about everything – ports, SSIDs, Internet on/off timers and more!
  • Verbose logging
  • Top-notch support from experienced technicians


  • Cost! Big $$$
  • "Cloud only" – can’t install this gear in a LAN-only configuration
  • Client VPN is a bit clunky to setup

Written by: Brian Johnson

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