Today our good pal Christopher Fielder from Arctic Wolf is back for an interview three-peat! He joins Joe "The Machine" Skeen (a.k.a. Gh0sthax) and I to talk about all things ransomware, including:

  • How the Colonial Pipeline incident may have started from a weak VPN cred with no MFA. Silver lining (?) – they got some of the $ back.

  • Was the federal government’s response good enough? What should the government be doing to better handle and manage ransomware?

    • Common ways ransomware gets in our environments, and some ways to NOT get ransomware’d:
      • Use 2FA (make sure that all accounts are using it!)
      • Consider having (if possible) your AD user scheme be something like chi-user4920394 instead of Joe.President
      • Have users that haven’t logged in for X days get automatically locked out
      • Train your users – consider Arctic Wolf’s managed security awareness offering
      • Detect early signs of compromise like Kerberoasting
      • Lock down your DNS egress to only specific servers so that it doesn’t run "wide open"
      • Leverage good threat intel

Written by: Brian Johnson

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