Hey friends! Today I’ve got some exciting personal/professional news to share: our Light Pentest eBook – which is a practical, step-by-step playbook for internal network penetration testing – is now available for purchase!

Note: this eBook and the Light Pentest LITE training are two separate things, but do cover some of the same topics.

The Light Pentest eBook covers:

  • Grabbing and analyzing packet captures
  • Abusing insecure network protocols
  • Exploiting (the lack of) SMB signing
  • Capturing, cracking and passing hashes
  • Locating high-value targets with DNS zone transfers
  • Exploiting vulnerable Group Policy Objects
  • Scraping screenshots of Web interfaces with WitnessMe
  • Finding and cracking "Kerberoastable" and "ASREPRoastable" Active Directory accounts
  • Dumping, passing and cracking hashes from domain controllers

The Light Pentest eBook is available now for $7.77, and by purchasing it you are entitled to all future editions/revisions going forward.


Written by: Brian Johnson

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