Hey, remember back in episode #357 where we introduced 7MOIST (7 Minutes of IT and Security Tips)? Yeah, me neither :-). Anyway, we’re back with the second edition of 7MOIST and have some cool pentesting and general IT tips that will hopefully make your life a little awesome-r:

  • Stuck on a pentest because EDR keeps gobbling your payloads? SharpCradle might just save the day!

  • CrackMapExec continues to learn new awesome tricks – including a module called slinky that plants hash-grabbing files on shares you have write access to!

  • Browsing 17 folders deep in Windows Explorer and wish you could just pop a cmd.exe from right there? You can! Just click into the path where you’re browsing, type cmd.exe, hit Enter and BOOM! Welcome to a prompt right at that folder!


Written by: Brian Johnson

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