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In today’s episode we share some tips we’ve picked up in the last few weeks of pentesting, with hopes it will save you from at least a few rounds of smashing your face into the keyboard. Tips include:

  • If you find yourself with "owns" rights to a bajillion hosts in BloodHound, this query will give you a nice list of those systems, one system per line:

cat export-from-bloodhound.json | jq '.nodes[].label' | tr -d '"'

Then you can scan with nmap to find the "live" hosts:

nmap -sn -iL targets.txt

  • For resource based constrained delegation attacks, check out this episode of pwnage for some step-by-step instructions.

  • If you have RBCD admin access to victim systems, don’t forget that CrackMapExec support Kerberos! So you can do stuff like:

cme smb VICTIM-SYSTEM -k --sam or cme smb VICTIM-SYSTEM -k -M wdigest -M ACTION=enable

  • Take the time to search SMB shares with something like PowerHuntShares. If you have write access in places, drop an SCF file to capture/pass hashes!

  • Looking to privilege escalate while RDP’d into a system? You owe it to yourself to check out KrbRelayUp!

  • Ever find yourself with cracked hashcat passwords that look something like ‘$HEX[xxxx]’? Check this tweet from mpgn for a great cracking tip!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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