Today we had a blast playing with Wazuh as a SIEM you can use for work and/or home. Inspiration for this episode came from Network Chuck.

This one-liner will literally get Wazuh installed in about 5 minutes:

curl -sO && sudo bash ./ -a

P.S. if you accidentally close your command window before writing down the admin password (like I did), you can use this command to retrieve it:

sudo tar -O -xvf wazuh-install-files.tar wazuh-install-files/wazuh-passwords.txt

Once Wazuh is installed, I recommend going to Management > Configuration > Edit Configuration, look for a section that starts with <vulnerability-detector> and change <enabled>no</enabled> to <enabled>yes</enabled>.

Also, before you start deploying agents, I recommend making some groups for them, which I believe has to be done at the command line:

/var/ossec/bin/agent_groups -a -g windows-boxes -q
/var/ossec/bin/agent_groups -a -g linux -q

From there you should be ready to start rockin’ some agent installs. Have fun!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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