Penetration Testing

Penetration tests come in a few different flavors - here's a brief breakdown on each:


I'll use port/vulnerability scans to identify risks on your network, and then use various tools and techniques to leverage those risks the way an attacker would.  Goals of a penetration test can include:

  • Accessing sensitive/secret company data
  • Cracking user passwords
  • Planting backdoors
  • Exfiltrating data out of the network


Similar to an internal pentest, only the focus will be your external-facing endpoint such as mail servers, VPN portals and firewalls.  I'll also look at what your company looks like from an external perspective asking myself questions like:

  • What can an attacker about your company's physical locations? 
  • What sensitive information might your employees be posting on Twitter and Facebook?
  • What can I learn about your company's network simply by analyzing files on your public Web site?
  • Can I find usernames/passwords for your employees on the dark Web?

Web site / web app penetration test

In this type of test, I'll look for vulnerabilities within a Web application - things like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, authentication issues, and more.  I use a combination of manual tools and techniques (while following the OWASP methodology) for these types of tests.  Common targets include:

  • Custom web applications
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Remote access / VPN portal