What follows are some of my favorite training opportunities, news bits, tools/scripts and humorous stories to send you into the weekend with!


  • The Webinar for the BHIS webinar on Active Defense Harbinger Distribution is coming up Tue, July 19 at 1 p.m. CST.

  • Interested in creating your own Pfsense firewall? Security Weekly’s how-to looks like a great place to start.

  • ExplainShell will help you make sense of long gnarly shell commands!

General News

Your conversations on Messenger will not be end-to-end encrypted by default, like what WhatsApp and Apple are offering. Instead, Facebook will require you to choose between security and convenience, as the end-to-end encrypted "secret conversations" is an opt-in feature…

Also, I fear most people will leave it disabled, because:

You will be able to type all the words you like and send photos as well, but will not be able to send GIFs, share videos, or make payments in secret conversations.

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked. While the exact "how" is not known, do some basic things to protect your account:

  • Long/strong/unique passwords per site!

  • Turn on 2FA

  • Check which apps have access to your Twitter account


…effectively allows you to automatically suspend specific tabs that aren’t in use after a set number of minutes…[..]…Thus, if you have a lot of tabs open in your web browser at one time and you want all of them to keep open, you can automatically avoid them eating up your computer’s memory and battery life by suspending them, but also keeping them readily available when required.


  • Nintendo launching a mini NES in November. #WANT!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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