Hey, so this week I am without my main machine – thus no jingle or "jungle boogie" intro music. Feels weird. Feels real weird.

Anyway, ya know how I teased last week that 7MS could possibly be coming to a radio station near you? Well I think it’s more of a probability than a possibility at this point!

I met with a radio exec a few weeks ago and we talked about:

  • Lots of people still listen to the radio (who knew?)
  • Creating a "security minute" spot that would lead to a commercial about 7MS
  • How to write a good commercial "hook"
  • It’s difficult to write a 60-second commercial!
  • Targeted advertising at churches, which is an under-served market when it comes to infosec
  • Writing a new (shortened) 7MS jingle

More on this today on 7MS!


Written by: Brian Johnson

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