In today’s episode, I’m excited to be joined in the studio by Nathan Hunstad, Director of Security at Code42. Nathan and I had a great chat about Code42’s new security offering called Code42 Forensic File Search, which helps IT and security teams figure out where files are located across their enterprise – even if the endpoints are offline. This functionality lends itself to a number of interesting use cases and helps answer questions such as:

  • "Does known malware have, or has it ever had, a foothold in our environment?"

  • "Has a particular crypto-mining agent been installed on our employees’ computers? Who has it now?"

  • "What endpoints have or had copies of our company’s most sensitive files?"

  • "What files did an employee download or delete in the months before resigning?"

  • "What non-sanctioned collaboration applications are present in our environment?"

After today’s podcast, be sure to check out this great video of Nathan demonstrating the power of Code42 Forensic File Search live!

Also talked about in today’s episode:

  • Implementing host-based firewalls – here’s a great blog and video on it

I want to thank Code42 for their support of the 7 Minute Security podcast. It’s a pleasure to work together with them to help companies be more secure!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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