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In today’s episode I talk about some cool tools you can use to start a hard drive forensics investigation more quickly. Resources talked about on today’s podcast include:

  • Forensics 101 – a talk I did for the 7MS user group in January

  • The Digital Forensics Survival Podcast is a FANTASTIC resource to learn more about forensics

  • CyLR works great to do quick live disk artifact-gathering on a suspect system, and then…

  • CDQR can step in and analyze the info you gathered with CyLR and spit out helpful reports to begin your investigation

  • YouTube video of the CyLR/CDQR creators demonstrating the tools and doing a live demo of artifact collection/analysis

  • Did you miss this week’s mousejacking Webinar? Also, DIY $500 Pentest Lab – Part 2 is up on YouTube. And we’ve got a fun Webinar on MITRE ATT&CK coming up in May. Sign up here


Written by: Brian Johnson

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