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First, a bit of miscellany:

  • If you replace "red rain" with "red team" in this song, we might just have a red team anthem on our hands!

  • If you’re in the Twin Cities area and looking for an infosec analyst job, check out this posting with UBB. If interested, I can help make an electronic introduction – and/or let ’em know 7 Minute Security sent ya!

Ok, in today’s program we’re talking about red teaming again with our third awesome installment with Ryan and Dave who are professional red teamers! Today we cover:

  • Recon – it’s super important! It’s like putting together puzzle pieces…and the more of that puzzle you can figure out, less likely you’ll be surprised and the more likely you’ll succeed at your objective! Try and figure out:

  • Who are the important people and what do they do?

  • What does the company’s Internet footprint look like?

  • What’s the internal network look like – any idea of the browsers in play (think malware!)?

  • Reporting – how do you deliver reports in a way that blue team doesn’t feel picked on, management understands the risk, and ultimately everybody leaves feeling charged to secure all the things?

I also asked the questions folks submitted to me via LinkedIn/Slack:

  • Any tips for the most dreaded part of an assessment (reports)?

  • How do you get around PowerShell v5 with restrict language mode without having the ability to downgrade to v2?

  • What’s an alternative to PowerShell tooling for internal pentesting? (hint: C# is the hotness)

  • What certs/skills should I pursue to get better at red teaming (outside of "Hey, go build a lab!"). Some options:

  • Red Team Security offers social engineering and Red Team Training

  • Mandiant has Creative Red Team Training

  • Specter Ops has several training options

  • SANS offers SEC564: Red Team Operations and Threat Emulation

  • Are customers happy to get assessed by a red team exercise, or do they do it begrudgingly because of requirements/regulations?

Written by: Brian Johnson

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