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In today’s episode, I toss myself under the proverbial security bus and share a tale of pentest fail. Looking back, I think the most important lessons learned were:

  • Scope projects well – I’ve been part of many over- and under-scoped projects due to PMs and/or sales folks doing an oversimplified calculations, like "URLs times X amount of dollars equals the SOW price." I recommend sending clients a more in-depth questionnaire and even jump on a Web meeting to get a nickel tour of their apps before sending a quote.

  • Train your juniors – IMHO, they should shoulder-surf with more senior engineers a few times and not do much hands-to-keyboard work at first (except maybe helping write the report) until they demonstrate proficiency.

  • Use automated pentest tools with caution – they need proper tuning/care/feeding or they can bring down Web sites and "over test" parameters.

Written by: Brian Johnson

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