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Today I’m having a blast with cracking hashes quickly and cost-effectively using NPK.

For 1+ years I’ve loved my Paperspace config, but lately I’ve had some reservations about it:

  • People are telling me they’re having problems installing the drivers
  • My methodology for building wordlists with HateCrack doesn’t seem to work anymore
  • I often pay a lot of $ for idle time since you pay ~$5/month just for the VM itself, and then a buck and change per hour the box is running – even when it’s not cracking anything.

This week on a pentest I wasn’t capturing many hashes, and when I finally did it was a really valuable one. So I wanted to throw more "oomph" at the hash but don’t have a ton of days to spare.

Enter NPK which lets you submit a hash, decide how much horsepower to throw at it, and even set a max amount of $ to spend on the effort. Super cool! I’m loving it so far!

Note: I did have a heck of a time with the install (I’m sure it was a me thing) so I wrote up this gist to help others who might hit the same issue:

Written by: Brian Johnson

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