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Today’s episode is about a pentest that was pretty unique for me. I got to ride shotgun and kind of be in the shadows while helping another team pwn a network.

This was an especially interesting one because the client had a lot of great security defenses in place, including:

  • Strong user passwords
  • A SIEM solution that appeared to be doing a great job

We did some looking for pwnage opportunities such as:

  • Systems missing EternalBlue patch
  • Systems missing BlueKeep patch

What got us a foot in the door was the lack of SMB signing. Check this gist to see how you can use to find hosts without SMB signing, then use Impacket and Responder to listen for – and pass – high-priv hashes.

Side note: I’m working on getting a practical pentesting gist together in the vein of Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking and Hacker Playbook.

Written by: Brian Johnson

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