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I’ll be your Raspberry Pi zero baby
I don’t know what else to say
I’ll keep bad stuff off of your network
I will do it both night and day

Today I talk about four cool Raspberry Pi projects that will help you better secure your network.

First off though, I give a shout out to my son Atticus who I want to be more like because he doesn’t give a rat’s behind what other people think of him!

The cool Pi-based projects I love are:

  1. Pi-Hole is a black hole for Internet advertisements and it literally installs with just a few commands:
git clone --depth 1 Pi-holecd "Pi-hole/automated install/"sudo bash
  1. Pwnagotchi is a cute little devil who exists only to capture WPA handshakes! I did a whole episode on it, and invite you to build a DYI Pwnagotchi with me live on Feb 10.

  2. How to use a Raspberry Pi as a Network Sensor is a really cool Webinar I watched (brought to us by our pals at BHIS and ActiveCountermeasures) that shows you how to use a Pi with an external drive to install Bro and other tools to help you find bad stuff on your network.

  3. CanaryPi is freaking sweet and can detect NBNS/LLMNR/mDNS spoofing as well as port-scanning, yeah baby! And coming soon (hopefully): mitm6 detection!

Got other cool projects that should be included in a future episode? Let me know.

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Written by: Brian Johnson

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