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I’m gonna love you like coronavirus, I don’t know what else to say
I’m gonna love you like coronavirus, I’m gonna stand 6 feet away
Yes our love was meant to be, but it will have to wait until later
Cuz I don’t wanna end up hooked up to a ventilator

In today’s episode I continue sharing my journey about becoming a PCIP. Spoiler alert: I’m still applying to even start training to be one. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The pentesting requirement 11.3 from PCI that kind of boggles my brain, and some advice I got from a PCI guru that helped clear things up for me. This video also helped me better understand requirement 11.3.

  • The super sucky couple of personal quarantine days I’ve had that include:

    • Cocoa that tastes like mint-flavored old lady diarrhea
    • Our fridge and freezer going ka-put
    • Exploding drinks in my fridge
    • A multi-thousand dollar repair on our new house that hasn’t even technically broken ground yet (!)


Written by: Brian Johnson

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