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Today we’re talking about some of my favorite features of Pi-hole 5.0. Including:

  • WARNING! WARNING! Upgrading from 4.x is a one-way operation!

  • Per-client blocking (you can setup, for example, a group machines called "kids" and apply specific domain block/allow lists and domains to them)

  • More granular detail (especially if there are issues) when blocklists get updated

  • Better, richer debug log output

I also talk about a great companion for yor Pi-hole: a command-line Internet speed test! Hat tip to Javali over at the 7MS forums who told me about this.

Additionally, I briefly mention "Hashy" (the nickname of my password cracking rig), give you some stay-at-home streaming TV show recommendations, and give you a quick house rebuild update!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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