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This is an especially fun tale of pentest pwnage because it involves D.D.A.D. (Double Domain Admin Dance) and varying T.T.D.A. (Time to Domain Admin). The key takeaways I want to share from these tests are as follows:

  • -i eth0 -rPv is AWESOME. It can make the network rain hashes like manna from heaven!
  • Testing the egress firewall is easy with this script. Consider this SANS article for guidance on ports to lock down.
  • Testing for MS14-025 is easy with this site.
  • mitm6 and ntlmrelayx can work really well together to rain shells if you follow this article. It’s especially handy/focused when you create a targets.txt that looks something like this:

Then save that as your targets.txt and run ntlmrelayx with ./ -tf /targets.txt -socks -smb2support. From there, once you get active socks connections, you can connect to them directly with a full interactive shell with something like proxychains smbclient // -U CORP/brian.admin

  • I ran into a weird issue with CrackMapExec where the --local-auth flag didn’t seem to be working so I ended up trying the binary version and then it worked like a champ!

  • Looking to dump lsass a "clean" way? Try RDPing in directly to the victim machine, opening up taskmgr.exe, click the Details tab, then right-click lsass.exe and choose Create dump file and bam, done.

  • Wanna spin up a quick SMB share from your Kali box? Try -smb2support share /share

  • Then, once you’ve pulled back the lsass.dmp file, you can rip through it easily with:

pip3 install pypykatzsudo pypykatz lsa minidump lsass.dmp > lsass.txt

Then comb through lsass.txt and hopefully there will be some delicious and nutritious DA creds there for you to much on!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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