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Happy December! Today I virtually sat down with Christopher Fielder of Arctic Wolf, who started his career in security at 18 (I was just playing a lot of video games when I was that old)! Christopher has served in the Air Force, worked for a university and SANS, served for some three-letter organizations – and more!

Christopher and I had a great chat about a variety of security topics, including:

  • Threat hunting – why it’s a term that means so many things to different people, how to get started in it and how to start building a threat hunting team

  • Threat intel – its relationship to threat hunting, and how to make sense of the jillions of intel feeds out there

  • Pentesting your MDR/SIEM – we talk about our gist on evaluating an MDR/SIEM, and how to throw some technical tests at these systems to figure out if they’re worth the cost!

Written by: Brian Johnson

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