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Welp, I need another certification like I need a hole in the head, but that didn’t stop me from signing up for the Certified Red Team Professional. So I’ve started a series on sharing what I’m learning as I proceed through the certification path. (We’re also talking about this on the 7MS forums)

Here are some of the highlights from week 1:

  • Boy oh boy is PowerView handy for extracting juicy info out of Active Directory. It works well when served with a side order of the Microsoft signed DLL for the ActiveDirectory PowerShell module

  • I wouldn’t say this course is for beginners. You will get some high level intro to PowerShell, Active Directory and pentesting, but you will need to do a ton of self-study and banging around in the lab to fill in some skill gaps.

  • When trying to pop a Jenkins box, I learned about a few new helpful tools I’d never played with before:

    • HFS – simple HTTP file server
    • Powercat – for catching shells!

Then on a personal front, I have a few updates to share as well:

  • The Thanksgiving surprise that brought tears to my eyes

  • The new piece of exercise equipment in the Johnson household that made my wife reach for a barf bag

  • A mysterious sound in the house that lead to the discovery of dead things over Thanksgiving break

Written by: Brian Johnson

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