Today’s episode is brought to us by Blumira, which provides easy to use, automated detection and response that can be setup in…well…about 7 minutes! Detect and resolve security threats faster and prevent breaches. Try it free today at!

Today we have a really fun interview with Nato Riley of Blumira. He cut his IT/security teeth working for a cell phone company, exorcising malware demons out of workstations, and even building an email-based SIEM. He has a very cool career path that involves embracing newbness, pushing aside imposter syndrome, and even begging for jobs! I think this interview can best be summed up by a direct quote from Nato:

"Things absolutely go wrong, and I think that’s what deters people from trying. But just because something goes wrong, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to die from it. So why not try?"

Written by: Brian Johnson

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