Today’s episode is brought to us by Blumira, which provides easy to use, automated detection and response that can be setup in…well…about 7 minutes! Detect and resolve security threats faster and prevent breaches. Try it free today at!

Today I sat down with Chris Furner of Blumira to talk about all things cyber insurance. Many of 7MinSec’s clients are renewing their policies this time of year, and many are looking into policies for the first time. Naturally, there are a ton of questions to ask and things to think about to make good coverage decisions for your business:

  • How do I get started in looking for a cyber policy – with my general liability insurer? Or are there companies that specialize just in cyber insurance?

  • How do I make sure I have the appropriate levels of coverage?

  • What are basic things I can do from a security standpoint that pretty much any insurer is going to expect me to do?

Enjoy the interview, where we cover these questions – and more! And be sure to also check out Blumira’s whitepaper on this topic called The State of Cyber Insurance.

Written by: Brian Johnson

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