Hey folks, happy secure 4th o’ July!

In today’s seven minute episode (Wha? Gasp! Yep…it’s seven minutes!) I kick back a bit, give you some updates and tease/prepare you for some cool full episodes to come in the near future. Topics covered include:

  • NPK, which I talked about last week is super awesome but I’m having issues getting my jobs to run clean. Will keep you posted on progress!

  • Tales of internal pentest pwnage – wow, folks have been sending me feedback that they really like this series. I’ve got a good episode coming up for you on that front, just can’t share right now as the project is just wrapping up.

  • Songwriting – I enjoy writing songs about people to the tune of the old Spiderman theme song. If they ever do a show like The Voice but they’re looking for people to write songs about other people based on the Spiderman theme song, I think I’ve got a shot.

Written by: Brian Johnson

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